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Hot Cross Buns (4pc)

S$8.80 before 9% GST

Sweet soft buns made with mixed spices and raisins, cranberries, dried orange peel, blackcurrants and sultanas.

Weight: 50 grams x 4 pcs


Our hot cross buns are sweet buns made with mixed spices and 5 kinds of dried fruits in them. Sometimes served with butter, the buns are a typical treat eaten around Good Friday and Easter. At Brera, we bake them all year round!

The tradition of hot cross bun is said to originate in St. Albans England where the buns were developed and distributed to the hungry, poor locals on Good Friday. Yes, it calls for a time of sharing and thanksgiving for the work that was done on the cross.

Available for sale as single buns (squares or round) for special orders. Please contact us using the Contact Form.