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The evolution of HDB bakeries!

  “I still remember the bad old days in the 70’s when there was only one type of bread. Those were the days before Gardenia introduced sliced white bread which was “so good you can eat it on its own”. In those days, when mum told me to go buy bread, it meant running down to the kek ai…

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Welcome to Singapore!

Something is brewing again….while waiting for some of you to return from your summer break, we are getting more overseas visitors from around the region. Amazing travel guide from the social media. Welcome to Singapore! Welcome to @bakerybrera! We are proud to showcase best of Singapore!

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Kaya Cruffin!

Feeling nationalistic this weekend. Luscious Kaya Cruffin – potentially a national icon one day! ?? For now we hope for all Singaporeans to enjoy them like the beauty and charm of these purple dendrobium orchids – simply alluring and irresistible ?

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