The evolution of HDB bakeries!


“I still remember the bad old days in the 70’s when there was only one type of bread. Those were the days before Gardenia introduced sliced white bread which was “so good you can eat it on its own”. In those days, when mum told me to go buy bread, it meant running down to the kek ai (grocery store) to pick up a loaf of traditional kaya toast bread which the lady would slice on the spot. They always made sure that they never slice it all the way through, such that all the slices were still attached on one side. I was told that it was because they didn’t want to severe the relationship with the customer! Even as a kid, I suspected it was just an excuse to make it easier to pack the loaf into the plastic bag!” Nowadays you can buy artisanal breads in the HDB estate! Best of all, their sourdough is so good they are supplying the bread to Wolfgang Puck! Full story:

Posted by ieatishootipost on Friday, May 12, 2017